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Tribute to Dr. George Earp-Thomas
pioneer in biotechnology

Dr. George H. Earp-Thomas, noted New Jersey scientist, pioneered work with soil minerals in 40 years of research. Dr. Earp-Thomas first produced legume inoculant for commercial sale. And he developed an instrument sensitive enough to measure trace elements in soil. With it, he demonstrated that New Jersey feeds and soils were losing trace elements in 1908. His statement is worth review today:

It takes many years for a momentous discovery to achieve full significance. When I made a kinetic analysis device to determine available soil elements, I didn't realize someday it would save tens of thousands of animal and human lives. In plant tests, I noticed soil that appeared similar in mechanical structure and chemical nature often produced dissimilar crops, showing a difference somewhere in soils' intricate chemical composition.

In 1905, I had time to test crops. I noticed variation in crop growth in what seemed similar soil; I began research to discover the reason. Animal feeding tests showed conclusive nutrition differences in food grown on various soils. Mice were fed foods grown on New Jersey soils; others similar foods from other states. In months some fed only food from NJ soils had several diseases; some developed cancers.

Cancers interested me to no end. Cancers in mice fed poor food grew readily; cancerous mice fed food from good soil rarely got worse and often got better. Analysis showed several deficient elements—surprisingly, calcium and magnesium—and trace elements copper, boron, zinc, manganese, cobalt, and molybdenum. My view such deficiencies might cause disease was ridiculed. Scientists said minerals are abundant in all soils.

Making a mineral combination including most low or missing in soils was more difficult than I anticipated. Some were incompatible and wouldn't make a combination. I sought advice on the question, but could get none.

By 1908, I succeeded making a mineral solution using bacteria from rotten rock. Bacteria grown in an incubator with dilute solution of elements generally missing from soil made a balanced solution. Without organic matter or sugars, the bacteria grew well in mineral salts and transformed elements into new organic compounds. The result is a zooglea, or gum-jelly. Evaporating some of the water made a concentrated product, nearly sterile due to its osmotic pressure.

This quality was extremely important to overcome blood infection in patients and prevent colds. But we didn't know that till much later when minerals were used by doctors on patients with diseases and malignancies, and people wrote to say the minerals relieved colds and warded them off. These enthusiasts told friends and more people heard of the benefits. We couldn't report this because results couldn't be scientifically checked.

Now these results are absolutely confirmed by remarkable work by Drs. William A. Albrecht and Ira Allison of Missouri University, and also by Merck and Co. later. Cases related by Albrecht and Allison took up to five months to cure chronic diseases. But if minerals are taken in concentrated doses, blood rapidly becomes unfit food for disease germs and they rapidly die.

That shows what a long time must elapse between a discovery and its practical use. Even now, although animal and human diseases were cured by simple minerals as food, it will be at least ten years before this is understood and adopted by medicine.

In the blood in a crisis, minerals are liberated and invading germs killed. I believe rapid killing is from increased osmotic pressure brought by the minerals—also electric potential from negative to positive. I believe a potentiometer will show negative charge causes death, as all dead people are acid (negative); living people alkaline (positive). This, I believe, is immutable law of nature—like gravity.

That being so, no one can be dead if they are alkaline. In cases where death was eminent (complete coma and heart collapse), minerals only were given every ten minutes for one to three hours. Blueness (cyanosis) left, heart resumed normal beat, and sufferers recovered. Convalescence, of course, took weeks in some cases.

There were enough cases to leave little doubt in my mind. One—an important engineer—had 19 doctors for a stomach tumor. When he began to fail despite these doctors, I was called. He was vomiting everything—the day I was there he expelled a green liquid. After mineral solution intake, he made steady progress, and is a well, vigorous man today, head of an international organization.
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Dr. George Earp-Thomas:
Fire in the Water
how mineral becomes biology

His wife was had peritonitis. Two famous New York doctors couldn't operate due to her infected gall bladder. They suggested I feed her minerals, and when she was well enough, they'd remove the gall bladder. Soon after minerals were administered her fever began to recede, so I left. Months later her nephew said she still had her gall bladder. She refused the operation, saying if infection was stopped at its worst, she certainly wouldn't permit removal.

My experience is too sketchy, due to heavy duties in other fields, to have significance, but results I'm familiar with are encouraging. Since Missouri University absolutely confirmed minerals' benefits in no uncertain terms, I believe my promises of minerals are well founded. Time alone will tell.

Likely in the future a large chemical company will put out a blaze of advertising their great new mineral discovery. It needs something sensational to interest the world. Just fancy, if this mineral theory is true, how great it will be. It will overcome a high percent of chronic, painful diseases, and almost eliminate deficiency diseases now increasing at alarming rates.

In time, minerals will come to us naturally from food grown in well balanced, regenerated soil.

Just Do It
David Yarrow

Nearly a century later, neither medicine or agriculture has heeded Dr. Earp-Thomas, who thought "it will be at least ten years..." Today, soils continue to be destroyed by annual plowing, harsh chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides. And trace elements decline, if not vanish. Soil ecosystems unravel; bacteria, algae, earthworms, and insects vanish; plants are weak, susceptible to disease and pests; feeds and foods lack mineral nutrients.

Medicine, too, fixated on its own "cut, burn & poison" technologies, ignores minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and dietary therapy.

Dr. Earp-Thomas used bacteria from rotting rock to stabilize his trace element solution. In Nature, it's bacteria that dissolve rock to digest minerals into living protoplasm. These evolutionary pioneers create food and habitat for other lifeforms—especially plants. One example: lichen encrusting boulders are a partnership—a symbiosis—of bacteria and algae. Bacteria eat rock to feed algae minerals; algae fix sunlight as six-carbon rings called sugar to feed bacteria.

So plants depend on bacteria to digest and supply minerals packaged as protoplasm. Dr. Earp-Thomas also pioneered using bacteria to inoculate legumes. Rhizobia bacteria live in pink nodules on legume roots. Rhizobia don't eat rock, but use a trace element—molybdenum—to fix the element nitrogen from air into nitrates, which legumes make into proteins.

In the '70s, John Hamaker said soil remineralized with rockdust has a population explosion of bacteria feeding on the minerals. The bacteria alter soil tilth, water retention and nutrient capacity. Earp-Thomas would agree.

But both Earp-Thomas and Hamaker underestimated the complexity of soil life. Since each of them, science has learned volumes worth millions about soil life, yet understands less. So don't wait for science, agriculture or medicine to prove and embrace trace minerals. Do what Earp-Thomas, Hamaker and many others have done: Try it and see for yourself.

Experience is the best teacher. Seeing is believing.

Just do it.

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Muhammad Yacob
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Dr. Maynard Murray's
Sea Solids
Recycle the Sea

"My research clearly indicates Americans generally lack a complete physiological chemistry because the balanced, essential elements of the soil have eroded to the sea. Consequently, crops are nutritionally poor, and animals eating these plants are, therefore, nutritionally poor.

From the start, my sea solids experiments produced excellent results, and conclusively proven the proportions of trace minerals and elements in sea water are optimum for growth and health of both land and sea life.

"We must alter the way we grow food, protect plants from pests and disease, and the way we process food."

Dr. Maynard Murray
Medical Research Doctor
Sea Energy Agriculture

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Missing Element
in the Climate Change Equation
September 2005
how one trace element in soil essential to a single enzyme in a bacteria, can accelerate removing carbon from Earth's atmosphere to slow—perhaps reverse—climate change

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