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Living Soil
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Recycle the Sea

"My research clearly indicates Americans lack complete physiological chemistry because the balanced, essential elements of soil have eroded to the sea. Consequently, crops are nutritionally poor, and animals eating these plants are, therefore, nutritionally poor.

From the start, my sea solids experiments produced excellent results, and prove conclusively the proportions of trace minerals and elements in sea water are optimum for growth and health of both land and sea life."

We must alter the way we grow our food, protect plants from pests and disease, and the way we process our food.

Dr. Maynard Murray
Medical Research Doctor
Sea Energy Agriculture

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The Remineralization Network
Missing Element in the
Climate Change Equation
September 2005
how one trace element in soil essential to a single enzyme in one bacteria can accelerate removal of carbon from atmosphere to slow global warming & climate change
AP Wirephoto Saturday, Sept. 3, 2005
Indonesian farmer
Muhammad Yacob

harvests the crop from his rice field destroyed by last year's tsunami in Aceh province, Indonesia

The Earth Renewal and Restoration Alliance 2/14/2009